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Family, to her, has always been something to suit her convenience. She didn’t have men around for the good of all of us, but for the good of her, which she erroneously assumed meant the good of all of us. And now, when the status of her marriage is questioned, she is defensive, as though we have no legitimate reasons for asking. As though it isn’t totally weird that he isn’t going to his stepson’s graduation. 

It’s difficult to get one’s life bearings when friends are disposable and marriage is, too. 

Yikes BIKES I just got the invitation for my close friend’s wedding in SF and it’s the wedding I invited HIM to. It was bad enough stammering out the invitation, now I have to follow up.

I envy women who can ask men to do things with them, or go places with them or ask them out, period, and it all happens. Whenever I’ve asked anyone to go somewhere with me, there’s always an excuse, and when I’ve asked people out, it’s always, always, ended in disaster.

Nothin’ to do but wait a spell. And I’m terrible at waiting.


That young man right there? That’s a picture I drew real quick of D.

I have been a teacher at Stevenson Middle School in South Houston for nearly a decade now. Stevenson is a Title 1 school, which essentially means that a large percentage of the students there come from homes that earn very modest incomes. 

D. was in my class two years ago. Were I to rank the 1000+ kids that I have taught during my tenure at school, D. would be somewhere near the top. I very much enjoyed having him in my class. He was a charming, gregarious, likable kid. And he was also a knucklehead (the best ones usually are). 

But this isn’t a fundraiser to earn money for D. because he was a student that I liked. (How I wish it were.) This is a fundraiser to help D. and his family because tragedy has befallen them. Earlier this year, D. was involved in a very serious car accident. Such was the force of the impact that it pushed D. to near death; he suffered massive head trauma, one that dealt his father the potential for a truly an unstomachable outcome: 

Doctors told D.’s father that his son’s life was a coin flip; a 50/50 proposition that laid with the way he responded to a surgery that would see them expose a large part of his brain. 

D. is a champion of the universe though; he of course survived. That’s the good. The bad: 

D. did not have insurance at the time of the accident. What’s more, he requires another surgery. During the initial surgery, doctors removed a significant portion of D.’s skull; it’s still missing today. D. wears a protective helmet to prevent any sort of accidents, but it’d be nice for him to have the entirety of his head back in place.

So that’s what this is for: To help alleviate some of the pressure D.’s father is feeling from the growing medical bills. $1000 most assuredly will not cover the entire thing, but it will at least help, and will also serve to let him and D. know that people are out there rooting for him, which may be just as valuable. 

D.’s next surgery is several weeks away. 

Until then, thank you.


NOTE: How this all started: Shortly after D.’s accident, an email was sent out to the teachers at my school letting us know what had happened to him. I called D.’s father and spoke with him about everything that was going on. He was obviously shaken, but not broken. He did not ask me to do this. I didn’t even mention to him that I was either. I am going to visit with D. and his father here in a little over a week. They’re holding a barbecue plate sale on their own to try and raise money too. I’d like to be able to show up and tell him something amazing happened on the Internet and hand him a check. So, lets us be that something, is why I started this. Thanks.

Re blogging because.

White people say [“It’s not fair, if white people can’t say n*gger, black people shouldn’t either”]. And yet, why do I never hear: “It’s not fair, if white people make more just because their skin color, shouldn’t Black people receive equal pay too?” “It’s not fair, if men own 99% of the world, shouldn’t women get property too?” “It’s not fair, if Black people get pulled over dwb, shouldn’t white people get pulled over for no reason too?” “It’s not fair, if white people can breathe around the cops without getting shot, shouldn’t people of color be able to as well?” I don’t really hear anything along those lines by people who cry it’s not fair that they can’t say a historically scarring word while some black people still use the term. Never heard them say anything like that. So they can kiss ass and shut the fuck up.


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